Packrafting Brand Comparison

Hey there,

I was wondering everyone’s opinions on the packrafting brands in the industry are?

Based in the US, I currently know a lot about and have used Kokopelli + Alpacka, and have heard a good bit about the DIY packraft kits. That said, I’d be interested to hear about other brands people enjoy.

In my experience Kokopellis are great, but Alpackas are the chef’s kiss!
I prefer Kokopelli’s valves, but love the weight, performance, + packability of Alpackas.

In regard to my Kokopellis, I really liked my Nirvana Spraydeck, although it was a bit heavy. My Rogue R-Deck was awesome - plain and simple. The Hornets I have are super afforable and do very well for me, but they just don’t pack / roll up well.

With my Alpackas, I really love the Expedition I have, esp. how light it is for what it can do. And I absolutely love my Classics! They are just want you need and nothing extra - super light, and super packable. Love them!

Well, a brand that is underestimated in the US but beloved in Europe and Asia (amongst other places)
I have tried many of their boats and I own one.
I have compared them to other brands, many except Alpacka… they are truly great. In my opinion better than kokopelli. sold my kokopellis and bought MRS. They track better, easier to roll up, great designs and materials. Super durable…

Full disclosure, I am an MRS sale rep, but I have tried 6-7 brands of packrafts over the past 10 years, and I prefer the cost-to-quality of MRS boats + great design features. Feel free to contact me, if you want to learn more or place an order.

what’s the website where I can learn more about the MRS boats?

Use this link for a few extra promotions with purchase - Microrafting USA: Packraft Adventures From Shore To Alpine – Micro Rafting. BTW Robin, this is MC with SW Region. Feel free to reach out to with any questions or we can arrange a phone call.