Packraftin Pack - Revisited

Having read and re-read the following threads and currently using my normal backpacking pack and lashing my packraft onto it for trips, I just wanted to ask if anyone has found their perfect packraft pack. For long paddling trips, I can use a dry bag, but if there’s lots of hiking, it’s not great…kinda horrible really.

Have you found it?
What features do you look for in a packrafting pack?

What’s your current packrafting pack?

I’m looking for a pack that is comfortable for long distance hiking, fairly water resistant, sleeping bag easily waterproofed (with liner or whatnot). Nice shape to lash onto a packraft. Nice spot to lash a packraft to the pack, or even inside if possible. I’m thinking of trying out the baylee, which is larger and bulkier than the alpacka, so lashing to the outside might be my only choice.

Let’s hear it.

I would just use whatever pack you fancy and then when you take to the water shove the whole thing into a dry bag. I use a massive 90l one from Sea to Summit that works fine.