Packrafters in Vancouver/BC

Morning all,

Just wondering if there are any packrafters or potential packrafters in Vancouver/BC?

I’m recently arrived from Britain and have so far had no luck tracking down any packrafters/clubs/roving gangs of grinning butt-boaters.

Stupidly I sold my boat to my Brother before leaving the UK (damn Weight Allowance!) but am looking to pick one up soon and head out to the many, many, rivers around BC/Victoria Island once the weather makes it’s final lurch into Spring.

Wondered if there were any others out there, or even anyone out there who desperately wants a packraft but has no-one to go rafting with because their friends haven’t grasped the genius of the Alpacka yet?

I will be starting from scratch again as regards gear and mostly used mine on the Thames so fellow whitewater beginners are extra welcome.

Anyone out there? BC seems ideal country for packrafts!

shakes head sadly and curses self for selling his Denali