Packrafters in San Francisco, CA / Bay Area?


If you are a packrafter / adventurer in the SF / Bay Area, California, let’s be friends! My Denali Llama will arrive next week in the mail, and I look forward to a summer of trips in and around California. It would be great to know somebody nearby to trade trips, advice, etc. on packrafting.

Also, if you know of any type of community in these parts, please let me know. Reply here or just shoot me an email at

Kevin Goulding
San Francisco, CA (north beach)


I am a Bay Area packrafter and so is a gentleman named Rich Hatlen. I sent you an email with my contact information and cc’d Rich Hatlen. Rich doesn’t participate in this forum.

Richard Nisley

Hi. My name is Tom Bunter. I’m from Napa, though I am in Alaska for college right now. I will be in Napa December and maybe the summer. I’m interested in multi-day trips, and hell biking. I’m going to try to run some rivers out to the coast next month. You can email me at if that sounds like your cup of tea. Expect rain.

My name is Scott Tolladay and I’m looking for others who are into pack rafting and could show me some cool spots to put in around the bay area. I live in Benicia. If you are planning any trips or would like to plan something let me know.

My name is Tom Bunter. I live in Napa. I am comfortable in waters up to class III. I’m dying to do some overnighters/multiday trips. 7073376200