Packrafters in Europe

I’m looking to meet packrafters for short to week-long trips, preferably in Europe. I’ve done serious backpacking trips before but I’m fairly new to packrafting, and haven’t done any big trip yet, mostly due to lack of partners ! I live in Belgium, but I have ideas of trips in the UK and in northern europe.

Let me know if you’re anyhow interested !


I’m planning a trip in Scotland on the Spey and Dee rivers, that includes a crossing of the Cairngorms, probably for July or August. Anyone interested in joining me, send me a message for details.

I started a new job and won’t likely take any vacations for a long time (unfortunately). But if ever you wish to come to Finland at some point, let me know! I can always take a few days off for an extended weekend.
I have recently acquired a boat myself. I’m fairly new to packrafting and would be glad to meet fellow packrafters :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for the invitation. Do you have any rivers or areas in Finland you’re thinking of going to ? I actually don’t know much about Finland myself.

Well, at the moment, I am still in discovering mode.
Nothing really super exciting for an advanced packrafter probably, but at my neophyte level, I find everything fun. :slight_smile:
I am currently exploring my region (Satakunta, south west Finland) and the possibilities offered by a packraft. Finland has a lot of water anyway… Maybe not everything is interesting, but finding a nice hiking/rafting route is not the most difficult task here, from short to week long trips.

I found this document and I am planning to paddle along these rivers for the next few weekends.
Poosjoki sounds nice.
I don’t know if you’re into ‘‘big’’ rapids (which means for me class 3 and above). They might be a bit hard to find here in Finland.
But since I am sticking to what I feel capable of doing at the moment (class I and 2), I can say that there are numerous route of 60km+ with these class of rapids.

When I will have more time for myself, I will rather explore the north of Finland where water routes are more into the wilderness. Some ideas: There is a 700km+ route between Kilpisjarvi and Tornio which follows the swedish-finnish border. Might be fun to follow a part of it.
Vatsari wilderness area might be fun to explore too. ( (check the ‘‘Lars Monsen nordkalotten 360’’ last season -season 8 I recall- on youtube)
Also, there’s some famous rivers in the Oulanka national park which might be fun for when I will be more experienced.


Hi all,

My trip to Scotland is finally postponed to the end of August or September. If anyone would like to join me, contact me by PM.


Do you have any contact with Phil? (
Just an idea… :slight_smile:

If you’re planning to come to Finland, make sure to get in touch with me as well. I am fairly busy at the moment but seeing that you’re going to Scotland (definitely hook up with Phil, great guy!) we could think about something next year. Always nice to meet fellow packrafters!

Great. I put Finland on my places-to-go-to list.

I’m moving to the Austrian alps soon (around Innsbruck), and it seems like there would be some great opportunities for packrafting there as well, so if anyone is in the area, let me know.


Hi all, Hi Xavier /Walyuo

I have been contaminated too.
With a son a bit young to hike ( 4years ) i hope we can use all the calm water rivers we have in the vicinity ( France - Anjou )to have some outdoor activities, even if its not wilderness the landscape is nice and they are lots of small islands to camp on.
I have a fjord explorer and a Yukon yak otw.
Warn me if you are in the area.

We will probably go back to Scotland, we wont finish the Cape Wrath Trail we started last year, but perhaps do the WHW, its easy enough to do with a 5 or 6 year old even if i need to carry him more than often, and we could have fun on the loch Lomond.