Packrafter in South Westland

Hi everyone,

I’ve just moved to Harihari, a small town 70km South of Hokitika. There’s a great packrafting river (Wanganui) just up the road (5kms) which is an awesome day trip (or longer if you’re experienced) and even boasts natural hot pools. I’ve got a spare room if any packrafters are passing through and are keen for a place to crash, or to store some gear while you head away on a mission.

I’m also keen to be contacted if people are planning any trips and looking for people to join. At the moment I’m teaching in the local area school so I have weekends off and chunks of time in April, July, October and Dec/Jan.



Hi Dulkara,

Thanks very much for the invite - both to us and other packrafters out there. Would be great to do a trip together.

Jen and I unfortunately only had a very quick trip to NZ (8 days) this time and got back late last week. We will definitely be back for lots more packrafting missions over there in the future though as it is such an amazing place for adventures. We will get in touch with you and Virtualgambi next time we head over. Likewise if/when you come to Tassie give us a yell.

You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world with endless packrafting opportunities. Surely the west coast of the South Island must rate as one of the best paddling locations in the world? It is really good too to see another kayaker who has seen the potential of packrafting! Hopefully your kayaking buddies see the light. :slight_smile:

Was impressed to read your blog about your 80 day traverse in Nepal on your blogsite as well as see your photos and movie. Well done!

Cheers, Mark

I agree; that is a gracious invite Dulkura from a great part of NZ. It’s a trek from Auckland to Harihari (although I am closer than Hobart) so I can’t pop down straight away but I am keen to come and pay a visit. The stars could be aligned later this year. Cheers, Chris.