Packrafter Community in Washington State?

I’m looking for other packrafters in Washington State, of all ability levels & interests. I’m interested in establishing an informal community packrafting network out here, to share trips & river info, find paddling partners, maybe bring a whitewater rescue course for packrafting to the area, etc. I’ve procrastinated on this, and as a result, never gotten the word out. I’m done with that!

I’m a Class III paddler, whitewater rescue tech (just certified), and entrepreneur living in Seattle. My paddling experience is mostly the NW and SW, with some in Alaska. If you’re in packraftier in Washinton and interesting in being connected to a local packrafting community, let me know!

Cheers, -Andrew

Well, I’m still stuck in Belgium (which is flat!) for another year plus… however when we return to Washington State in summer 2009, I would love to join the packrafter community that you will have developed by then. :slight_smile:


Sign me up. i have a Wilderness Express kickboat that I have had on the Cowlitz and Oregon;s Deschutes. I live in Lacey.

Shaggy, it’s Kolman in AK.
The Seattle Raft and Kayak community members would be a natural fit, imho.
We do pool nights, kayak polo, sea kayak races, potlucks/bbq, movie premieres, etc.
Check out the website and/or drop me a PM.
Feel free to give me a jingle as well, I believe you have my contact info.
You like how i’m bugging you on multiple electronic levels? Emails, thread replies, texts, voicemail. Eek.
Take care, Kolman


I would love to get involved if people are heading out and want some company. I purchased my Dory about 2 years ago…I’ve mostly done class I & II in the packraft but have class 4 expirecnce in larger rafts. Really looking for more expirence and to improve my paddling skills before some longer trips I have planned for this summer. Please keep me in mind if you have anything going. Looking forward to floating/hiking rivers from Northern Oregon to Northern Washington.