Packraft Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru near Cusco

I love to bring my packraft on trips. The Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru is a good destination as paddling goes. It’s not a wilderness experience but does offer immediate tranquility and great views. I am in the valley for 5 weeks (dry season July/August 2015) and have been using my packraft to float down the Vilcanota/Urubamba river from our house. It is pleasant. The views of the mountains are some of the best around. You get to witness the abuse the river takes from pollution, but see many birds, traditional homes, some hotels, trees and wide eyed locals gazing waving at you. You can get out at several hard to get to areas for a little hike. I just leave my gear at a shop or someones house then go for a hike. There is often a strong afternoon wind. Water is not too cold (55F/12C) for the Andes. I did not see any potential trash hazards such as cars, rebar, concrete bars. However, the water is most likely contaminated with human waste. Bring a bag to pick up some trash if you are so inclined. River was flowing at 5kms/hour on flat floats with class I.

The main valley road is never too far (less than 1/4mile, 0.5kms) and you just hail transport for your return. (a couple of soles/0.60usd for 10kms).

I am planning on paddling the rapids from Ollantaytambo (Class II/III) as soon as I find someone to join me on my wife’s packraft.

There are also a couple of lakes up near Chinchero but I don’t think they would be very interesting.

Hey DesertDog,

I am here too in Cusco and looking to plan out some trips. Send me a private mail and we’ll get together and raft to Chillca. I have other trips in mind too and a new website/agency for treks and packrafting trips.

I brought a couple down this same stretch of Urubamba from Maras to Ollanta a month ago. We had a blast, although it’s better during the rainy season.

Let me know if you’d like to get into tourism or if you’d like to just go out on a trip.


Are you still packrafting and/or running a tourism agency in the area?

Yes djreed. Got your email. Thanks