Packraft trip ideas Oct/Nov

Open to anywhere the water is flowing really…Will have to see how the winter ends up as far as snowcover, but any ideas for trips that time of year? 5-10 days?

A nice trip is cross the Comao Fjord in chilean Patagonia, in which you can found two fantastic natural thermas: Cahuelmó and Porcelana, among other activities. My idea will be go in November. I live in the area, just to ask me if someone needs more information.

Curious if the Vodudahu River or other rivers in this area are floatable by packraft? Ideally class 2-3 whitwater and flat water rivers. We would love to do a backpack into a river in a less-busy area of Chilean Patagonia at this point. Hoping to be in the area from the first week of November through until early December. Thinking there aren’t a lot of established trail systems in Parque Pumulin? Looks like the fjord would be flat-water paddling. Want to come with us…? :slight_smile:

In the last summer I was paddling in the Comao Fjord, from Hornopirén (Río Negro) to the thermal-baths in Cahuelmo Fjord. This place is part of the North Pumalin Park, you can do trekking for the trail to Laguna Abascal, I have heard about it, but I have not made. However, I know people that can explain how to do it, they talk me about this Laguna is fantastic for fishing Salmons.
At 25 kms from Chaitén, In the southest area of Pumalin Park you can found the Amarillo River, maybe class 2. About the Vodudahue River, let me ask and in the next days I answer if is possible to float packrafts, in there or in other rivers near. Other rivers in Patagonia of interest may be the Palena (between La Junta and Raul Marin Balmaceda 4-5 days), Simpson (We should find out more) and Baker (between Cochrane and Caleta Tortel, 4-5 days).
My experience floating packraft is in flat water fjord, lakes and small rivers, but I’m very interested in to learn to paddling in whitewater. In September and Octuber I will be traveling for Colombia but I comeback to Chile the 1st of November, so I can to float with you if it’s possible. Would be fantastic for me to come with your people.

My plan is to head to Patagonia from ~ Oct 15 - Nov 15 and fly into Punta Arenas (haven’t booked flight yet). Nothing’s set in stone now, just some rough ideas for a trip, and lots of places circled on maps. Looking online and at books, there’s a lot of attractive destinations: Fitzroy, Torres, Cochamo, etc. I kayak class II/III stuff around here, and spent a summer sea kayaking the Inside Passage. The ocean waters south of Puerto Montt look amazing for a long-distance tour (maybe some day). The packraft is a recent addition, needed because of my 20 year addiction to backpacking. ideally I would like to hike for a week, packraft for a week, and ski tour for a week. We’ll see how that goes.


Same here. Lots of ideas, no definite plans. Weather and snowpack dependent i suppose. Will be in Chile for almost all of November. is a great resource.

If either of you want to try to meet up for a trip shoot an email - zberms at We will mostly be backpacking and trying boat wherever possible.


Greetings from Buenos Aires!!! I’m a packrafting rookie but I’ll be heading to Puerto Guadal (by bicycle) in January/February and I’s wondering if you’re able to paddle to Caleta Tortel or in the area :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

Can anyone suggest me some tips while travelling with family members? I am planning to travel with 3 kids, parents and my wife. What safety precautions I must take? Please help me with this.