Packraft Road Runs

Sick of going through every page on the Alaska section of this forum, I compiled a short list of road accessible (at least the takeout) pack raft runs. This list is not comprehensive. The *'s are the runs that I haven’t done yet, but I’m hoping to tackle this year. Ratings are from the guides (Embick’s & Timmy’s) or from users on this forum.

I thought others looking for some runs might find this useful. Let me know if I’m missing any obvious creeks.

*Bird Creek – (IV±V+) - Hike In

*Chickaloon River, Chickaloon – (III+) by Embick, many say harder – Hike/Fly in

Chulitna – East Fork – (III-III+) - Hike in, many routes

*Coal Creek – Palmer/Sutton – (IV) – Hike in

Eagle River, Campground Rapids – ER – (II±III) – Car run

*Eagle River, Echo Bend – ER – (III±IV) – Hike in

S. Fork Eagle River – ER – (III) – Road run, hike up trail makes run longer

Glacier Creek – Girdwood – (II-III) - Short Hike

Granite Creek – Sutton – (III-IV+) - Hike in

Gravel Creek – Chickaloon – (III) – Hike in/fly

*Honolulu – (IV) – Long hike/fly

*Kings River – Chickaloon – (III-V) – Hike in, several sections that vary in difficulty

Little Su – Hatcher Pass – (IV/IV+) - Road run

Baby Su – Wasilla – (III-III+) - Road run

Matanuska – Lions Head – (III±IV) – Road run

Montana Creek, S. Fork (IV-V) – Talkeetna – Hike in

Moose Creek – Sutton – (III-III+) - Road run

*Peters Creek – Peters Creek – (V) – Hike in

*Peters Creek – Petersviille – Hike in

Resurrection – Hope – (II-IV) - Hike in

Sheep Creek – Talkeetna/Willowish – (III-III+) - Fly in or long hike

Six Mile – Hope – (IV-V) – Road run

*Tincan Creek – Hope – (V) – Hike in

Valdez Creek – (III±IV-) - Denali Hwy – Road run

Windy Creek – (III) - Denali Hwy – Road run

Willow Creek – (III-V) - Willow - Road run
Redgate - (III)
Guardrail - (III-IV)
Upper - (IV-V)
Upper Upper - (II-III)

Thanks for working on this list, John. It is helpful.

Speaking of road runs, we ran the Military section on Eagle River late last night, and it was a lot of fun at around 5.3-5.4. Lots of big waves and sucking holes. Got lazy once and took a swim. Just gotta remember that sun is going down faster and faster.