packraft hand roll

A couple of videos of packraft rolls I have been trying to get better at:

Hand roll:

Hand roll (minus life vest - scrappy):

Left and right hand eskimo rolls:

Hey Jeremy, you still using that shitty old death vest!!!come on man, I though you coped enough cack about that to make you get a new one??

Wicked rolls BTW

Steve :slight_smile:

Jeremy, nice rolls. Much difference not having the whole full spray deck on ? Makes me think of putting in some straps on my beast, without a deck.

Heya Steve and Jules thanks for the comments, how has post course floating been treating you?

The lack of a deck really doesn’t affect the rolls much excepting that the boat fills with a bit more water. Straps are definitely worth it, so much more control.

Re the life vest, despite getting quite the flogging from Jim, I still rate it for grade I-II [like this pool :slight_smile:]. It turns into a pillow, sleeping mat, backpack panels etc, has more flotation than the astral’s, weighs a bunch less and cost me about $15. Also in these kind of waters the chances of falling out are really pretty low. After saying this though an Astral is definitely on the cards for anything past grade II and I am looking into an inflatable vest to replace this one.

Let me know what you find re inflatable PFD’s I would like a ‘lightweight’ lower bulk option for back country stuff.

We may need to hook up for a weekend so you can help me fit straps and get rolling.


Yeah, let’s do this.

Sure thing! Straps are pretty straight forward with this sweet tutorial:

As for rolls, that sounds great, we could do a river, beach or pool session depending on what suits. Probably a good year for practicing it, seeing as though there is no white water!