Packraft for alpine lakes (fly fishing)

Hey there,
I am an avid fly fisher who really enjoys fishing alpine lakes. For years I have lugged my float tube, waders, fins, and pump up to various lakes. I am looking to make the switch to an alpacka raft and looking for input. I like the ultra lightweight of the scout, but don’t know how comfortable that would be to fly fish out of for several hours at a time. I am wondering if I’d experience a substantially greater amount of comfort any joy carrying a few extra lbs for a larger alpacka raft. I am 5’10.” Any fly fishers or alpine lake fishers out there with input on this?

I use my self-bailing Gnarwhal for alpine lakes fishing. It can be frustrating casting flies out of a packraft because even the slightest wind can turn your boat - for this reason I find myself trolling flies more often. The scout is a shorter boat so I think it would be even more susceptible to wind. I feel a bit cramped in my boat and I am 5’6" in a medium Gnarwhal - you, at 5’10" in a smaller boat, would be pretty cramped I think.

Thanks for the response back. That’s quite a bit of weight for you to be packing. I was afraid the scout might be a bit too small for me give me size and desire to fly fish. Half the weight is really appealing though. Lol. I have heard of people using a drift sock or something to keep packraft from spinning. Have you tried this?

For that use, I leave the knee straps, backband and foot brace at home, which brings the weight down a bit but yeah, it’s not a Scout or Caribou. I’ll have to try the drift sock, I’ve heard of people using them but haven’t gotten around to it myself.

I use my Scout for alpine lake fishing and have figured it out pretty well. I am not fly fishing, I use a spinning rod but that shouldn’t make much difference for the raft. I did find that drifting and turning in even a light breeze was a nuisance. My solution was to used a drift sock to slow the drifting and to keep the raft from turning about. I pick the area I want to fish and row up wind of it then cast and fish as I slowly drift through it. With the sock tied off the rear of the raft it stays mainly pointed forward for casting.