Packraft fishing - how to

Thinking of turning my explorer 42 into a fishing raft and wondering the best way to carry and cast. Perhaps if I glued some additional strap plates to one side and looped velcro straps through them I could carry the rod off to the side of my boat with easy access. I could also keep the rod vertical with a line out if I put the butt of the rod into the hole of a locking carabiner that I use on the front d-rings.

Anyone have bare-bones tips that reduce the need for additional equipment? Also suggestions on preventing punctures?

I got my Scout raft specifically for fishing small alpine lakes. I found this idea for an attachable table with a rod holder and more.

I liked the concept, but made my own version in a much more compact fashion and for a lot less cost. It’s worked quite well for me. Punctures have never been a concern or problem. I use mainly spinning methods for my fishing.

That is pretty cool, do you have any photos of your setup and types of materials used?