Packraft Book tour

Erin finished her book! It’s not quite as packraft-centric as Roman’s book, but it tells the tale of our 4000 mile Seattle - Aleutians trip, which was fundamentally a packraft trip. So I’ll call it a packraft book. :slight_smile:

And we’re going on tour! We’ll be through Homer, Kenai, Seward, and Anchorage in the next few days. Then in Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, Eugene, Minneapolis, and finally Juneau and Seldovia in early December. We’ll show pictures and video, Erin will read from the book, and it should be good fun. There are details (and a way to order the book) here:

I think Alpacka will also be carrying the book…

We’d love to have help getting the word out, and ideas for other places we should hit along the way. We put pdf and jpg posters for each city on pages linked from the main book page, and you can email me (hig, then the first three digits of pi, then if you have ideas or questions.

Looking forward to seeing some of you along the way!