Packraft bass fishing.

I powered up my raft by connecting it to one of these yesterday arvo :smiley: if I can train them to go in a straight line I’ll do away with the paddle…

Australian Bass (freshwater) for those who have not seen them before.


Is that around Bega? Looks like a great fish, unfortunately I don’t have the fishing gene and never catch anything :blush: .

Where can you fish for a fee instead of having a fishing license in va? My friend told me that I don’t need a fishing license to fish in some lakes/rivers because they can make you pay a fee to fish for a day? Do any of you know a place in northern Virginia that you can do this or at least a place where they don’t check if you have one. Btw do I still need to buy a fishing license if I’m only planning to catch and release?

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I’m a little confused K…

You’re asking about Northern Virginia is a forum subgroup about Australia…I reckon you’d be hard pushed to find anyone on this bit of the forum with any idea about this!