Packraft as a bathtub?

I wanted to use my packraft to take hot baths in. what is the temperature limit that the seams and glue on the raft would be weakened? Also, if I wanted to wash my clothes in the hot water filled bath, would laundry soap destroy it? If so what kind of other soap could I use?

I was thinking of using the solvent free pumice grain filled hand cleaner meant for cleaning grease off of ones hands. Would be a great exfoliater, but it might be a little harsh on clothing fibers.

Very creative thinking. Pack raft as hot tub. Who would have thought?

Your idea might be so original that you will have to run the experiments and report back to us.


Have you tested your packraft as bath tub idea yet? On a long trip, a bath would be great. It would take a lot of fuel to heat the water though… .

I was just talking to a neighbor yesterday about the concrete tub someone built at a hot spring in Paradise Valley in the Sierras years ago. I once hit it 10 days into a 14 day trip. It was awesome. How much heat can a packraft handle? I might just send the Alpacka lady an email. “Portable hot tub.” Inspired!

Creative idea, i didn`t try packraft as a bath tub,

The hottest temperature a human can touch comfortably is 46c. A hydrotherapy pool is about 30c. You’ll obviously be somewhere in between.

I’d doubt that that temp would melt any glue.

Mind you, when you can get pretty wet in a raft, and that’s rob enough to wash the loins. Maybe not as enjoyable as relaxing in a bath at night though.

A wonderful concept, particularly if you are near hot springs ( but why wouldn’t you just jump in them anyway?).


What one can do if they dont mind carrying the extra weight is to bring along a metal 2 gallon pail. Fill it full of water to be heated over a campfire. This pail could also be used to settle the sediments out of muddy water such as the Dirty Devil or the Escalante, prior to sterilization, or you could cook duck and muskrat stew in it?

Paddled past a warm spring last week, gushing in a little stream off the steep bank side. Didn’t dawn upon me until the next day that we could have filled our rafts and soaked in luxury. Dang.


Heck, just fill it up on a sunny day after paddling, cinch the spray deck tight and in a couple hours you’ll have the biggest solar tub around!

A new marketing strategy, portable solar tubs…

I hope these tubs are effective… I have heard lot about them but still would love to read more true reviews before gettting them.

We bathed our kids in a packraft tub during our time on Malaspina Glacier, using water heated on a stove. It was less than ideal conditions, but worked. We’ve also had them out in the yard as kiddie-pools. I wouldn’t worry too much about damaging them with hot water. I’ve even considered (but never tried) heating the water with hot rocks. Put some gravel in the bottom of the raft so the bottom is protected, fill it with water, and set hot rocks on the gravel.

I think the main reason we haven’t done this more is that it’s just so much easier to be dirty.

Very interesting idea going to keep this in mind for future use especially if I have my now 8 year old son with me on trips.

I’m just getting into packrafting have my Llama ordered should have been here this last week so reading everything I can find on it.

cool! report us back for the result !

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When i first read this post i thought it’s one of those great ideas that never come to life because no one dares to try. But it’s great to see that a few people have used their packraft for washing their kids and stuff. I will definitely consider this idea on the next trip with the kids. I would like to know how the bathtub concept goes too.
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