Packraft Arizona

Hello to all,
I am very new to packrafting and have just purchased an Unrigged Explorer. I am looking for anyone here in Arizona that would like to get together and hit the water. I am not very good with my raft yet so I am fairly limited on where I can go, although I can portage like a champ. All my previous training on boats has been with Zodiac craft and paddling is definitely new to me. I am still waiting on the explorer with a center console and outboard motor.
I would love to learn and can’t wait to get out there.


What part of Az are you in? I’m in Southern Utah and would like to get some spring paddling in if there are some decent flows. Do you have a spray deck on your boat? I have and explorer with a deck and love it, it was my first packraft.

I live in Phoenix. I am a student right now so I am fairly limited on my time off although spring break is coming up.
I don’t have a spraydeck although I am anticipating swimming a lot.

That’s not to far from here.

On the spray deck, even if yous swim a lot, the spray deck will greatly increase your warmth in moderately cool water as well as keep all the splashed water out of the boat. On my first river trip down a class 2 and 3 six mile run I paddled with a guy who had no deck and he had to pull over frequently to empty his boat, total pain in the ass for him. He said his boat would be going in for a deck right after that trip. I would say if you doing any moving water that they are worth the money several times over.

Let me know if you scout out a run or trip in your area and I’ll see if I can come down and paddle with you.

If you come up to Southern Utah look me up.

I’m in Arizona as well. I’ll probably do a couple of day trips on the upper Salt once the flow comes up.