Packraft adventure documentary premiering in Anchorage

As some of you know, my wife and I took a yearlong packraft trip from Seattle to the first Aleutian Island a few years ago. We carried a video camera, and now that video has become a full-on feature length documentary, that will be showing for the first time on Dec. 6th, in Anchorage (7:45 pm, One North Theater) at the Anchorage International Film Festival.

Here’s a little promo blurb… we’d love to have help spreading the word, and ideas for other festivals and theaters that might want to show this movie!

Set fire to your frozen shoes. Cut your own hair with a pocket knife. Chop raw garlic with your teeth. And join Hig and Erin for the movie premier of their year-long journey along the North Pacific Coast.
In June 2007, Hig and Erin left their former apartment in Seattle and walked north, 4000 miles to the Aleutian Islands. With only one rule: “no motorized transport”, they made their way on foot, in packrafts, and on skis, through some of the most amazing and remote terrain in the world. Not just in summer, but through an entire Alaskan winter. This documentary was filmed with a tiny hand held video they carried with them. Experience this modern adventure through their eyes as they encounter breathtaking scenery, harsh weather, amazing wildlife, starvation, and danger.

A feature-length documentary of their extraordinary year-long journey is premiering at the Anchorage International Film Festival on December 6th (7:45 PM at the Out North Theatre). Hig and Erin will attend both the premier and a second showing the next night (7:00pm, same place).

Watch the preview, get more details, and download posters to print on their movie page:

Hig and Erin -

Great job - looks awesome!! I know from experience how hard film-making can be when you’re cold and wet, tired out, or just anxious to get moving. To get all this on a little hand-held camera is impressive indeed. I commend you both on your amazing journey, your dedicated film-making, your immense enthusiasm, and I thank you for showing us all just how big the dreams can be, when one has a packraft on one’s back.

Cheers from Down Under,

Kevin Casey
Remote River Man

One thing that’s fun about a small, relatively cheap, durable video camera is that it seems like a good idea to pull it out when, say, you’re engulfed in stinging wet sand that sticks to everything…

That said, there is so much video we should have taken, but didn’t…

And there will be another showing! The movie did awesome in the Anchorage International Film Festival, and was voted “Best in Fest” so it’ll be showing at the Bear Tooth on Weds. at 8:00 pm.


I see the movie is scheduled for this Wednesday at 8, but will it be played next Wednesday as well?