Pack rafts and paddles for sale

I’m interested in selling my two Alpacka rafts and paddles purchased late last spring, as my husband and I are just not getting a chance to use them. In fact, they’ve been out on the gentle section below the dam of the Snake River in GTNP all of two times!

I have the following gear:

Paddle Splat carbon paddle (4 piece) - 220 cm
Paddle Splat carbon paddle (4 piece) - 210 cm
07 Mud/Black Llama
07 Mud Black Yak
They both have spray skirts. I also have two patch kits, and an inflation bag.

Let me know if you are interested.



How much for the llama and longer paddle?

Thanks, George


You have e-mail. Thanks,

  • Mike

Thanks to all for your interest. Both rafts and paddles have been sold.