Pack rafting/cycling Victoria


I have an Alpacka Explorer 42 and I’m keen to do some cycle/rafting around Victoria (I’m now located in Melbourne). I would be keen on hearing from anyone that has done this with any suggestions on good single day/weekend/longer trips.



not much packrafting experience, lot more long distance adventure mtb and camping experience. In Bairnsdale and Melbourne.
Keen to tag along!!
Let us know what’s good to explore around here :slight_smile:

Dannymac are you looking for trips where you will carry your bike on your packraft (i.e. generally not whitewater) or are you looking for trips where you can do a shuttle with a bike but potentially ride back to your car with all your paddling gear?

If the former are you looking for adventurous MTB rides or more sedate tours/rides? If the latter what sort of whitewater grade are you looking for?

Either way, happy to make a few suggestions.



Sorry for the very tardy follow-up and thanks for the replies.


I do carry the bike on the packraft and so probably wouldn’t go anything above class II. We either ride directly from Melbourne or drive somewhere and then from that point cycle and pack raft. As an example, we drove to the Great Victorian Rail Trail and biked a section of that to get to Alexandra and then used the pacrrafts to go down the Goulburn River to Molesworth and then from Molesworth cycled back along the trail to the car. I’ve done some smaller cycle/packrafting trips from Melbourne as well such as on the Yarra. Another one I’m looking at is on the Ovens River using the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. I’m also looking at one in Kangaroo Valley. The packrafts are quite stable on the back of the bike and so either MTB rides or rail trail/more sedate rides would be good. The only reason I’ve been using the rail trail network to date is because it is easy to plan around. I’d certainly be interested in any suggestions for MTB or more sedate rides in Victoria or NSW.


Appreciate the offer, at this stage I’m trying to do packrafting/biking trips as we’re training up for a longer trip in Asia.