Pack rafters in Sydney and NSW

Dear Packrafters (Patrafters),

I have almost convinced myself to buy one of these little boats. Before doing so I would like to see one in the flesh, if possible, the Llama. If there is anyone in the Sydney or surrounding area who owns on and would not mind showing it off, I would be very interested. Please Pm or email me and we can have a chat.

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan and welcome, there is only one Lama in Sydney that I know of and it belongs to Gus (Lizardboy) and there is one in Bega. There are a few explorers (rigged and Unrigged) in the Sydney area and I have and Unrigged Explorer(in Bega) . I will leave it up to the Sydney boys to contact you directly re their rafts but I am sure they would not mind hooking up for a paddle. You are more than welcome to jump in mine if you are down this way, its only a 6 hour drive…

I cannot rave enough about the Alpackas, they are simple brilliant little boats, I use mine for backcountry fishing adventures and whitewater stuff and am blown away at how bullet proof but light they are. Just get one :smiley:


Hi, Steve

thanks for the encouragement! yeah they look pretty sweet and im pretty much sold. I just wanted to get a feel for sizing, im after a bigger boat so checking out the explorer would be good to. im often down south highlands way and sometimes further south, ill let you know if im in the bega area. I may be driving to tassie (probably without packraft :cry: :cry: :cry: ) in the next few weeks. If so it would be great to meet up.

hopefully i will be a official member of your community soon!

No problem, shoot me an email if you are coming past, I’d be happy to tee up a paddle in either raft for you.


Just buy one…they’re great…in fact, they are miles better than you could ever imagine, and seemingly indestructible. They put a whole new slant on your outdoor trips, and rafting starts to take over. Watch out.

I think I have 2 llamas - sad to be so vague, but whatever I have are the mid sized boats from 4 yrs ago.

They seem perfect for me, at just under 6’, and 83kg, although on longer paddles, my feet and legs do go numb (I think this is a combination of my crap back, and the seat design).

One of my paddling mates is about 5’7", and he just has too much room in the boat, and would be better with an alpacka, and another mate I took paddling would have been my height, but perhaps 100kg+, and I reckon he needed a bit more floatation in the rear (of the boat, that is!).

If your passing through Melbourne on the way to Tassie (specifically Camberwell at night, or Toorak during the day), I’m happy to show you my presumed Llama. Contact me through the forum.

However, I reckon just use Sheri’s sizing, and buy one. The exchange rate is good at the moment, and if you ask her really nicely, she’ll mark down the price on the package, so we don’t get hit with import duty, which kicks in after $1000 - also buy an inflation bag (unless you can sew, in which case they are not that hard to make), and buy a paddle at the same time. They are miles cheaper off-shore than here.
Andrew A

They come with an inflation bag nowdays Andrew…and a patch kit (although I bulked up my patch kit with extra Tyvek and quick dry Aquaseal…still have not used it, need more macho trips perhaps). The dollar is very good ATM it is a great time to buy one… perhaps I should get another?



And other patrafters jokes !

I am in the Wollongong area if you would like to check one out Daniel. I have a dory/explorer. I use it unrigged.

They rock, just buy one.

Dan, Im in the same boat as you and would love to have a look at one of these in Sydney.

At easter I got a lift with a guy whos got a packrafts - hes in Katooomba but I didnt take his contact details

Im been playing on the Grose river with an inflatable but its heavy and we manage to total the bottom every trip - these things look ideal. Am amazed at how light they are.

Did you managed to find some one to have a look at one?- I want to look at the explorer unrigged and how practical it is for 2 people and gear.

Hi Kelvin and everyone,

I havnt contacted anyone yet, I think im going to go with the llama anyway. Im 6’3" and 76kg… I cant really afford it right now but EXCHANGE RATE is sweet

Spent the last 3 days in Shoalhaven river with a canoe and a crappy inflatable kayak (sorry Kent), I think I will definitely be getting one eventually!

dan, they look awesome on some of the utube videos. Check out the arahura river one in NZ (, this is up the back of where I grew up - it looks a hoot.

Im leaning towards the unrigged explorer. ideally I want it for my wife and I to explore some of the rivers in our backyard like the Grose and Colo etc. So we want one which two people plus packs can squeeze into. looks tight but doable. liz will want to walk the rapids anyway so I can have the fun going through. Anyone had any experience using the explorer for multiple night trips with 2 people?

I have had two people in my unrigged explorer, it is ok to cross a river or when just floating about on flat water, I do not think they are suitable for ‘trips’ with two people and certainly not with gear also. Once you put the pack on the front they are not really suitable for two.