Pack Raft Water Polo

Pack Raft Water Polo in Bartlett Pool - Dec. 2 – 7 - 8:30 PM

I generated the idea and Jim Gonski reserved the time. Now I guess I had better recruit a pool-full of paddlers.

Games will be played with 5-paddlers per team, 2 teams at a time on the water.
Kayakers have been playing kayak polo for years so here is our chance in pack rafts. To the best of Jim’s and my knowledge this game may never have
been played before.

While the ideal would be for all paddlers to have their own boats, that will not happen. Those who own boats are encouraged to bring theirs and be
willing to let others paddle your boat when you are not in the game. Jim will provide helmets, PFDs and will have fairly short paddles (kayak length,
which we will see if they work well with the rafts, which are wider than kayaks).

Come on out as part of the inaugural pack raft water polo evening. Here is a link to kayak polo so you can see/ read a little about what the night may

Rules -

Photo (of kayaks, imagine pack rafts)-

Video -

If you go to you can sing up as an Adventurer member (it’s FREE) then you can RSVP so we
have some idea of who and how many paddlers can be expected and what we may have in the way of boats.

We will see if John Evenson, the fellow who rents pack rafts in Anchorage, may be willing to bring his boats. These would probably need to be rented from John (but I have not talked with him about it yet).

Doug Van Etten

Maybe you Fairbanks paddlers want to come down to compete?

Or, maybe you want to play a little up there then later this winter-spring we can have an all-star game or a round robin tournament?

Maybe Scott Solle wants to bring up a team from Utah (Hint, Scott . . .)?

Maybe Roman wants to recruit an APU or APU alumni team?

Matt & Marc - how about a Ranger Team? Greg - how about the F-15 team?

Jody Jenkins, want to recruit a Girdwood team?

Anyone else up to the challenge?

Well we did it. About 15 paddlers showed up for what may be the FIRST EVER ANYWHERE pack raft water polo. And it was a blast; almost as much fun as running class III whitewater!!!

Looks like we will do it again next Wednesday, Dec. 9, 7-8:30 PM at the Bartlett Pool.

More thane ever we want the FBX paddlers to put together a team and we can have a tournament in early 2010.

Here is a link to a few photos and we should expect more to come; maybe even some video.

Thanks for the video Drew and Christie

Three sessions of Pack Raft Water Polo were a rousing success in December 2009 so . . …

the sport lives on and will resume when Bartlett High pool opens again. First session of 2010 is Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 7-8:30 PM.

Who should come:
– experienced paddlers who want some winter pool time
– newer paddlers who want to build paddling skills, strength and confidence in your own paddling and what the boat can do
– ww kayakers who want to cross over; sea kayakers who want pool time to build strength and skills
– anyone who just wants to get a great upper body workout and have a hoot of a good time

Hey you Army Rangers? APU has graduated lots of pack rafters? F-15 fighter jockeys? Backcountry skier - rafters?
We have the makings of lots of teams here in Anchorage. Fairbanks pack rafters, are you up to the challenge?

Here are the links to the Daily News audio-slide-show and
the actual print article published Dec. 29, 2009 about pack raft water polo.
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