Overnight Bikerafting Trip to Granite Falls, BC - 7/8th June

I’m going to attempt an over-nighter to Granite Falls campsite up the East side of Indian Arm out of Vancouver on Friday the 7th of June. I’ll be strapping the raft to my bike and heading out from Vancouver, then biking up to Buntzen Bay via Port Moody, before inverting my transport and rafting up to Granite Falls with the bike strapped on the bow. Aiming to sleep out on the raft Friday night (so comfy) and then raft back Saturday morning. I’ll be taking a big ol’ tarp just in case and will have stove etc. for rehydrated meals and water boiling.

Any takers? I can show you how to lash a bike securely if needed.

Meeting me at the car park near Buntzen Bay is cool if you don’t fancy the ‘bike’ part of the trip. Though you will have to live with yourself and your dreadful moral degeneracy.