Orange River - Border of Namibia and So Africa

The Orange River from Noordoewer to Aussenkehr is like a ribbon of water on the moon - dry, barren, mountainous, with unworldly and beautiful landscapes. The water is surprisingly clean, but not clear. Local river guides drink it, though I always treated no mater how thirsty. No trouble rafting this section in four days, but I’d take some extra time to explore numerous side canyons, abandoned diamond mines (you never know, your trip could be free), etc. This is not a trip to test your white water skills. About 30% of this section is pretty flat with a few class 2 and a few more class1s. The rest just cruises along. It’s an easy float really, but a great way to see a part of the world unlike anywhere I’ve been. Nice to not have to worry about crocs and hippos. Logistics are simple, esp if you have a vehicle. The Orange River makes up the border between South Africa and Namibia. I’d start on the Namibia side of the border by simply pumping up and jumping in at the town of Noordoewer right off the main road. I like starting on the Namib side because you end up on the Namib side in Aussenkehr. The river flows through a lot of bizarre rock formations and it’s not always clear which braid will get you to where you want to go, but who cares, you are looking for a reason to get into the water anyway. It’s hot and the sun will tear you up. You have to cover every inch of exposed skin, or die. I’d spend 2 hours a day just floating in the water next to my Alpaca Mule. You can’t miss Aussenkehr because the landscape all of a sudden turns green with massive vineyards. You can take out at a beautiful lodge called Norotshama, that has camping and full access to pool and a very good restaurant\bar. They could help you arrange transport back to Noordoewer if you did not drop a car or you could most likely find a ride by hanging at the bar buying a few rounds. The Rand is super low right now next to the dollar. Could not buy a bottle of wine in a good restaurant for more then 10 USD. All the best, Mate