Open invitation to any Packrafters to Meet Up Sydney Sunday

G’day All Sydney based Packrafters,

As you undoubtedly are aware PaddleNSW’s Intermediate Packrafting Course that was scheduled for this weekend near Canberra has been postponed until the earliest possible opportunity after winter. We (Tasmanian WW Instructors - Alex McWhirter and I) are in the process of working with PaddleNSW to organise an alternative date (& possibly an alternative venue) which will run later in the year when its warmer as this is what the majority of participants have requested. We will however still be coming to the ACT and NSW this weekend and as such we are keen to meet up with any packrafters who may be interested in getting together for an informal meet-up. This invitation is open to all packrafters, or potential packrafters, in the Sydney area who can make it and who are interested in meeting up with like-minded people who are passionate about packrafting. We will also be somewhere around Canberra Friday and Saturday but are unsure of our movements so if you are keen to catch up down there please send me a personal message.

This Meet Up is simply an informal social gathering although we are happy to display some of the more recent boat developments in packrafting including an Alpackalypse, the latest Kokopelli self-bailer and a DIY self-bailing Alpacka Yak. We are also more than happy for people to have a paddle of these and to test out the various thigh straps and out-fitting set-ups that we use. I am also happy to bring up a number of Kokopelli tie-down patches for sale ($7.50 each) as it can be difficult to get hold of decent tie-downs and I have found these ones to be the best out there. If you would like some please let me know how many you would like as I will be bringing a limited number.

Regardless of whether you are one of the intermediate course participants, a packrafter who has travelled to Tasmania for our previous courses or are simply someone who wants to learn more about what packrafting is then please feel free to come along and say ‘G’Day’! The only thing we ask is that people do not hassle the Penrith Whitewater Stadium crew for entry onto the whitewater course. We, on behalf of all packrafters, will be formally meeting with the managers and guides over the weekend with the hope that perhaps one day packrafts might be allowed on the whitewater course whether through an official course or as recreational paddlers.

Packraft Meet-Up Details -
When: 2:30 - 4:00 pm Sunday 17th April
Where: Penrith Warm Up Lake (meet near the Boat Ramp) just outside of the Penrith Whitewater Stadium
Bring: Feel free to bring your own boat and/or paddling gear but likewise there is no need to get wet if you don’t wish to.

All the best, Mark and Alex

P.S. Thanks to Jeff (jg2) for the inspiration to get like minded people together

Dang guys… Was hoping to make it along this arvo but got prior plans i can’t work around… Next time… All the best!