Ohio Creek - Alaska Range

Anyone ever floated down Ohio Creek from the Alaska Range. It connects with the main fork of the Chulitna River a few miles below Hurricane.

I have floated the Chulitna and where it joins up it looks like a good size river with decent flow. There does appear to be a sort of canyon starting a few miles above the confluence.

Anyone know any Beta on this? I’m thinking of heading up that way next summer.


According to Rod Hancock, the canyon section of Ohio Creek is fairly tame. He ran it a number of years ago in a hardshell and told me that they expected a serious challenge but found it to be surprisingly mellow.

Call the Backcountry Rangers up in Denali. Brian & Alonzo ran it (starting from the park road, I believe) in PRs last year. Fairly mild from what I recall. You can hike in to Ohio Creek very quickly from the Parks Hwy using existing trails and a footbridge across the Chu.


I heard that Middle Fork of the Chulitna River and in the foothills of the Alaska Range including the drainage of Ohio Creek. The majority of land in this unit is rugged, mountainous country above timberline. It is all state owned or selected.