NZ study abroad (excuse to packraft?)

I am applying for study abroad programs in New Zealand right now for later this year or early next year. Of course, I’m interested in learning and academia and all that, but my llama will most certainly be coming with me, and I need some advice as to where to go for the best rivers and creeks :slight_smile:

My options are Dunedin (Uni of Otago), Christchurch (Canterbury), Wellington, or Auckland. To be fair, I’m studying natural science and english literature - and really, I need adventure to fuel both of those for me. Ideas/advice?


I’d choose Christchurch. Some good big rivers on the east coast, and not that far to the mountains. Dunedin is away from the mountains, so the rivers down there will mite that exciting. Wellington gas some ranges to the north, but I think you’ll get more variety and easier access from ChCh.
Andrew A

Great minds – I studied in NZ for a semester for exactly this reason. Went to Otago in Dunedin. Andrew is right, it is a bit of a drive to the rivers, and ChCh would be a better access point. You can’t go wrong though…I dug Otago. You can buy a car super cheap down there, and pretty much no matter where you are on the island, you can get to anywhere else within a day’s drive. I’d shoot for going to school in their fall semester, it doesn’t start until the beginning of March, and the preceeding two months of summer will provide you with epic opportunities. If you got any questions feel free to hit me up man.

Will be there in November for a few weeks. Any specific rivers close to ChCh you can recommend? Thanks

The Ashley gorge if it is up, or the Hurunui are good grade 2 to 3 rivers. Some of us from the Christchurch whitewater club will be keen to see your packraft in action.

ChCh for sure. Central location 6-8 hours and you can be anywhere. From your international student housing take bus route 84 out to Russley (caught by the countdown grocery store) until you get to yaldhurst (highway 73). Hitch to arthurs pass or the west coast and have yourself a good ole time for the price of free.99.