NZ Jan/Feb 2018

I plan to travel to New Zealand in January/February. For part of my visit there I want to organize a packrafting trip(s) or join an already planned packrafting trip(s). Nothing specific yet, so I am open to options.

I am experienced, having done numerous wilderness trips either backpacking, paddling, or packrafting.

I’d like to find some great people to have fun with. If you already planned a trip in NZ, I’d love to join. Or if you are looking to join another packrafter in NZ, I’d be happy to help plan a trip.


Hey Jay,

I am also planning a trip to New Zealand during that time (January-March). I’d like to packraft and/or hike most of the time so if you wanted to meet up for a trip or two send me a PM. I’ve never been to New Zealand but I’ve done a fair amount of packrafting in the Yukon and Alaska and I would be keen to meet up with likeminded individuals.



I am going to be travelling in NZ from Jan 23 to March 14, and I’m bringing my Alpackaraft (Fjord explorer) to do as much exploration as I can! I especially want to do the Whanganui River Journey (Sometime early Feb ideally) and a ton of stuff in Fjordlands National Park (end of Feb into March). I am a Park Ranger here in the US with the National Park Service, and an EMT-Basic with a lot of wilderness experience. Although I’m quite capable of going solo for a lot of this stuff, I think planning would be a bit easier with other people especially when it comes to logistics and safety concerns. Please private message me if any of this sounds good to you!


Check out the Packrafting in NZ facebook group… lots of good guys there.

And for trip ideas around the country.