NZ 2013

Anyone have some NZ plans for 2013? I will probably be over at the top of the south island for a month or so in Jan, doing a bunch of 3 day trips with a couple of 4 - 8 dayers if the conditions are right. I would love to meet some of you if you are over there at the same time?

All the best,


We are going down the Clarence at the beginning of the second week of January. In at the bridge at Molesworth and out at the sea.About 5/6 days.

Hi Waiporo,

That sounds like a great trip! I was planning on following the Waiau river from start to finish, which would have me ending up a little further south. I’m also planning to hit up the Pelorus, Goulter, Waimakiriri and if I get the chance, that route that you set out sounds pretty great too.



I’ve fished the Goulter. What I saw of the lower section was pretty tame. The d’Urville looked a good river for rafting, if you’re up that way, as would be the upper reaches of the Wairau.