Nymboida Rv Rafting - Nymboida Village --> Buccarumbi Bridge

Decided to have a go yesterday, 22km raft. Right near our front door. The river is up from all the rain, so there was some trepidation but we had been advised that most of the rapids where C1-C2 in this section.

The first bit above the weir is full of Platypus, we must have seen over a dozen, of course trying to photograph them is near on impossible with a little p&s while sittiing in the raft, by the time the camera focuses, they are down again ! Unfortunately this crappy swirl is as good as it good photography wise.

Doing some maintenance in the one of the hyrdo station intakes

The river is full of wildlife, as are the banks, pulled over to stretch the legs, nearly trod on a goanna.

It’s an easy portgage left of the weir

Getting back in the rafts at the bottom

and looking back up

Even the normally slow parts where running swiftly

In the wilderness

Miles of smiles

Finishing at Buccurambi Bridge

There were plenty of trees (mostly Calistimons) overhanging the river, and acting as strainers, one nasty incident saw me being smashed in the side trying (unsuccessfully) to get away from a thick branch that was overhanging !

Nice pics mate!

Nice stuff Trev, looks like s cruise of a trip.