Nymboida Goolang Ck Whitewater Centre, NSW

Couple pics, my girl in her Dali Lama

At the start

Stuck in the boil line

Havin’ fun

Comin’ out the bottom of “Tennis Court” rapids

Havin’ more fun

Nice pics Trevor_S

Out of interest, how did the +1 go in the boil pic? Was it an inward tip & flip or did she pull it off?

Swore like a trucker at me for standing there taking pics and then pushed off with her paddle after being spun around a couple times

no skirt…

went back and had a second go, no problems and a smug grin of completion

I was in more trouble, I thought she was going to whack me with the paddle when she got out, from laughing so hard.

I took photos of her all the way down, then had a go in my Unrigged Explorer while she followed me down.

She was never in any real danger, as if she had tipped, she could have stood up. We are both in the our local Wilderness Rescue group and have done several swiftwater rescue courses with prac., at that very Canoe centre.