NRS packraft

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the NRS packraft.
What do people here think of them?
Seems like a low cost alternative…

Yes, mixed reviews. I suggest that you buy a fully tricked out Alpacka right off the bat because you will never grow out of it.

Last summer, I needed a pack raft for canyoneering in the Grand Canyon. I looked at Alpacka and told myself that I won’t be running whitewater. So I bought a Flytepacker, which works fine on Class 1 water.

Now, I want to run whitewater and my Flytepacker is not up to the job.

I did exactly that!

I reasoned that a spec’d Denali LLama would more than exceed all my needs, expectations and abilities, it’s my (aquatic) all terrain vehicle!

I didn’t want to fork out the cash for an alpaca raft so I went to Costco and bought an nrs pack raft. I took it down a very calm class one class to stream for a short salmon fishing trip. I have a little hope for the raft and I knew Kosko’s policy was very good for returns so I went ahead and did a test. The rafted okay on the water and at the end of the trip I loaded it still inflated into the back of my truck. I set my bike also in the back of the truck and the edge of my pedal which was not even extremely sharp Pierce the interest pack draft and ripped a hole in it. I do not trust the durability of these things and I have a very low opinion of them. I spent the next six months watching craigslist and eventually ended up buying an alpaca for 500. Couldn’t be happier so all in all I would not buy nrs but I would wait for used alpaca that you should be able to buy 4-800$$