NRS packraft floor for 2011 llama

Hey, just got a new 2011 llama and heard that it was hard to find a sleeping pad that fits well as a floor for the new boats. I tried the floor from the NRS packraft that I bought last year and it fits perfectly; better than it fits the NRS boat actually. The NRS floor can be bought from AK Raft and Kayak for $45 and probably directly from NRS also.

Has anyone tried a Kooka Bay sleeping mat? On their website, they say they do custom designs perhaps if their is enough interest from the packrafting community we could be get an ideal 2 inch thick packraft floor sleeping mat design

I’m not so sure about using a floor in the raft…

I’ve previously tried a mat as a floor in my Llama (an insulmat, which fitted perfecty), but found that it raised the boat enough to make it significantly a lot more tippy in white water, so I’d prefer not to have a mat at all. The seat is enough to cushion the bum. The feet need nothing. Keep the mat for sleeping on, should you need it. An upturned raft provides an almost perfect sleeping platform for me. A Hennessy hammock is better. Both are miles more comfy than our bed at home, offset, of course by my beloved, who makes up for the discomfort!

Keep it simple.

Andrew A