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We have moved the site here: (Alpackaraft Scandinavia) (packrafting forum for Europe) (packrafting resource page for Europe. To launch in May 2008)

It would be nice if the Norwegians put something up that offers something like a where to go and what to do thing. I have been pretty disappointed in their site once I got over their slick video.

I for one have a lifelong dream of going to Norway, as it is my ancestrial home land. If/when I ever do I can promise my Yak will be packed! :smiley:

I will be going to Norway summer 09:

A) If anybody has any good ideas for 1/2-full day hike-n-rafts or where the fun places are near roads/towns for an hour of entertainment please tell me! Wife not a rafter so I can probably only abandon her for short periods of time. Say no more than class III since I won’t be able to speak the native tongue to say “take me to a hospital” :sunglasses:

B) I will certainly post on here whatever places I see and did or looked good.


Probably not what you had in mind but when I was in Norway with my Alpacka (near Tromso), I had a blast fishing out in the fjords. You can catch Atlantic cod so big that they pull your raft. :slight_smile: