Northern Utah

I’ll be in Utah and Salt Lake counties for the next month. I’m still a beginner but would like to possibly get on some Utah rivers. Anyone have any suggestions??


Hi. When you were in Utah, did you find any rivers to paddle? I’m relatively new to the sport myself ans curious to see what you found. Thanks

Not sure if this is still pertinent, but I just picked up a packraft and live in Ogden. I’ve floated both the Ogden and Weber Rivers so far. Right now we’re at quite low water levels after a light snow year (they’re holding back most of the melt in reservoirs for now). By the looks of things, though - these rivers are going to be entertaining with higher water levels. I’ve only done the “urban” sections, but plan on the more interesting sections as soon as water levels allow. Here in Ogden, you can do solo missions by parking at your takeout & biking to your put-in (or the opposite if that’s your thing).