Northern Sweden/Finland

Well I can’t say that I took a pack rafting trip, so much as a long backpacking trip with Alpackas but close enough right? :slight_smile:

Anyway, a group of 4 of us (two rafts) went on a fishing trip in Lapland and the Alpackas were just awesome. They allowed us to get out into deeper water in the lakes and catch some really nice sized (and delicious) Arctic char and grayling. Since that region has no trees, and sometimes high wind my wife discovered that she could lay down in her Alpacka in a lake, tighten the spray skirt around her neck and take a nap if she got bored of the fishing. Upside down Alpackas also made great covers for our food stores when it was raining (no bears to worry about). If I can figure out how to shrink pictures sometime I may post a couple.


I am currently waiting for my raft (being shipped from Norway…) and was just curious what lakes and rivers you been to in Sweden?

Well I didn’t do any rivers while in Sweden, it was pretty flat in the region we were backpacking. I couldn’t remember name of the area where we were so I e-mailed my Finnish hiking companion, here’s his response:

“The area is known as Rostu (although a famous fishing venue Rostujärvi/Råstojaure/Rostojávri (spelling varies) is not the place where we were in). The lakes we hit were Váhccajávri, Ganesjávri and Vutnusjávri, the last lake with lots of pike & the trout you caught is called Rovas. Started the hike from Saarikoski at the Finnish/Swedish border. This area is covered by the map Fjällkartan BD1, Treriksröset-Råstojaure.”

Very nice area if you’re into fishing. If you want whitewater action… not so much. :slight_smile:


Ok, I know it, been there 15 years ago or so. Fishing is why I bought the raft so tips on nice fishingwaters are always welcome :sunglasses: