North Queensland Winter Safari!?

Hi everyone,

I remember reading on an earlier thread that some of you might be keen to head up to North Queensland for a week or 2 of hiking/ rafting this year? I am certainly keen and would love to float the Tully and do some hiking and potentially rafting around the misty mountains. Now, getting into the grandiose (which I am notorious for!) we could even make it a bit of an Oz/NZ convention. Maybe run a couple of games/ events and get to know each other and then maybe cycle it to somewhere like NZ or Tas in the following years (in summer obviously).

Anyone keen?

Would definitely be interested to float the Tully. Late July, early August seems like a good time to escape winter. The Tully flows all year, other creeks/rivers at that time could be pretty low. Level dependent, you could hike up and float down Cannabullen Creek to Cochable Creek and into the Tully.

Hi Haydn,

Great to hear you are keen too! Also, late July/ early Aug is what I was thinking too. June isn’t too bad, but by July/August I am definitely keen for a break from the cold!

Good plans regarding other creeks, also with rafts we would not need (or want) as much water as kayaks do, so we would hopefully have a bit of luck! There is also a sweet little campsite right next to the river.

I’ll be up that way mid July to walk Hinchinbrook with the family so would be keen to tack on some paddling if the dates work … and maybe if the don’t

Hi Jeremy,

Good suggestions.
Suspect dates won’t match up with work holidays and dog sitter :slight_smile: for Jen and I but keep us informed as we will certainly consider.

Cheers, Mark

My job is now set to finish at the end of June, so would anyone be keen on some safari fun in early/ mid July?

Warm and plentiful white water… you know you want to!!!

I have organised other commitments over winter now so as much as I’d love to I can’t :frowning:

Sorry Jeremy. Would love to but can’t this winter. Warm water sounds awesome.

Will have to put up with breaking the ice before we can paddle our rivers here in Tassie. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I have changed my plans a little now, and will probably head to the North West instead of the North East (do the Gibb River Road and Jatbula track).

Lets paddle soon though!!!