North Island NZ trips

I’ll be on the North Island at the start of February and am looking for a 5-6 day trip, whitewater up to 3. Any suggestions?

You could damn near paddle around the North Island in 5-6 days :slight_smile: The Toupo area has a few good paddles ie the The Tongarrio , Turangi Toupo (sorry about my spelling), nothing too long though but some intresting water…

I am on the North Island until the 10th of Feb and have my packraft with me. There is a release of the dam on the Tongorero river the weekend of the 4th. You will find lots of kayakers and rafters there…I was the only packrafter all weekend. I would not run anything above access 10 if you are looking for class 3 or less. Attached is a link to my youtube page and I have two videos of access 10 down on there you can watch.