Newbie wondering which pack raft to buy, and does anyone OC1


I’ve decided to buy a packraft this winter so I thought I see if anyone here has any suggestions. I’m pretty set so far on getting the new Aire Expedition when it comes out but wanted to ask around before I pull the trigger. I’m a long time rafter and used to do a far amount of kayaking so I’m familiar with water, just wondering what you all’s priorities are when picking a packraft. I plan on using it for all sort of stuff, whitewater/fishing/high mountain lakes/extended trips. Durability and carrying capacity are a higher priority to me than weight. I also want something that will handle well in class 3/4 water on occasion. I like the idea in theory of a true self bailer but have seen pictures of some pretty sweet setups with spray skirts. Any thoughts?

My other question is if anyone has ever tried setting up their rig as an OC1? I had just started getting into whitewater canoeing and I’m curious if I could paddle a packraft that way. I’ve always been more comfortable in a kneeling position and just curious if anyone has tried it?

Thanks in advance for any input - eddie

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Hi Try, not sure what you’re referring to but thanks for the response.

I did end up getting the Aire Bakraft Expedition. So far it’s awesome! I’ve never paddled a traditional type of packraft but coming from a long background of rafting and kayaking I’m super happy I picked the Aire. It’s drives very well in whitewater and as far as I can tell it’s still the only boat with a true self bailing floor. (like you would find on a raft or duckie) I also figured out a great OC1 type seat and I paddle it in a kneeling position, sometimes with one blade and sometimes with two

Hi eddie - I’m also interested in paddling my pakraft as OC1 and would love to see how you set yours up!