Newbie Wannabe Questions

Hey there , I have been eyeing packrafts for awhile now and with the new designs I think it may be time to buy but I have a few reservations that I need honest answers to.for me, the idea of packrafting has nothing to do with whitewater but more on the deep in lake crossings and fishing lakes that portaging a canoe would be unfeasable.I appreciate many of the features found in the packraft the one thing that is holding me back is how it will move on the flatwater as that is how I will use 90% of the goal on the flat water is to not just get from here to there but to explore and fish a lake while I am there.does anybody else just use for regular use and is it comfy to paddle around all day or is it a tough slog like trying to paddle a if I were to grab the Llama would it be the raft to not just get from point A to B but one I would enjoy taking the long way around or should I be looking for something else -thx for any input

I don’t have a ton of flatwater experience, but I have taken my packrafts out on the local lake to play around. They drift back and forth a lot as you paddle, but you can definitely cross significant bodies of water. The obvious benefit is that they can be carried to backcountry. Also, it sounds like the new boat designs will track in a straight line a lot better, which is probably the biggest weakness of the current designs when it comes to crossing water. So, if you decide to get a boat, I would recommend getting one of the new models.