New Yorker looking to get started

Hello. This is my first post, though I’ve scanned the board many times in the past. I’m located just outside NYC and am interested in packrafting, having kayaked quite a bit years ago before my kids were born. They’re old enough now and can swim well enough that I’d like to get them paddling. We’re surrounded by water, literally: I’m 1/4 mile from two protected bays and driving/pedaling distance to much more. I cycle a lot, so the thought of pedaling to a river for an afternoon float is appealing. The kayaks were sold years ago, and the packraft affords more flexibility in terms of transportation and storage. At least that’s my working theory.

I’m looking for local NY resources, if any. I’ve visited Darren’s page and it’s very helpful. Wondering if there’s more out there that I don’t know about, or even such a thing as a NY club. Am particularly interested in rental resources. I’ve reached out by email to a couple of shops listed on the Alpacka site and haven’t had a response. Obviously I want to try before I buy and maybe purchase over the winter when prices might be a tad lower.

I’d greatly appreciate any general guidance folks can offer, including referral to a rental shop that you’ve used and find reliable.

Thank you in advance

Hey there, I’m in New Jersey and just bought my first packraft. Would love to link up to paddle sometime. Shoot me an email at or if you’re on Facebook join the group Packrafting USA for a small (but growing) community of packrafters on the east coast.