New WW boat? Diva?

Hey all,
I’ve been out of the loop for a while now so apologies if this has been done already (couldn’t find anything with the search). I have heard the good folks at Alpacka are working on/testing a new boat for white water. Have I missed an obvious post somewhere or are we still testing/experimenting?

Heya Darren,

I think Mike C from the forums has been lucky enough to nab himself one and seems to be doing some pretty awesome looking stuff with it (see video below)! You could maybe hit him up to see if he knows anymore?

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P.S I can’t wait to try one too!!

Hey Jeremy,
Thanks for the heads up mate. Very interesting design and something that looks to have a different feel from a paddling perspective. I’ll shoot Mike a pm.
Catch up soon, cheers D.

I don’t work for Alpacka, so take this as my opinion only.

Diva is coming along nicely. Heaps of refinements happening. She is ‘close enough’ for 99% of the people, but not quite ready for Sheri to release just yet. That’s good. When she is released she’ll be a turn-key WW boat–no glue huffing or excess fiddling required. Blow up and go.

My guess is you’ll be able to plunk down the green and buy her this summer.

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the reply mate, cheers. No point rushing a good thing.

Hi Mike, are you able to tell us any of the key features of the prototype Divas? I can see the difference in rocker and shape of the boat from your videos. Is it the same size as a Llama? Are thigh straps installed from the factory? What else is new?


All I can really say is what I’ve already written above: When she is released she’ll be a turn-key WW boat–no glue huffing or excess fiddling required. Blow up and go.

I’ve seen three different lengths of prototype, but I think for production the word I heard was two: effectively equal to Yak and Llama in the mainline boats.

Again, just my opinions though–only Sheri knows for sure.


As of a few days ago the Diva is for sale.

Alpacka is in the midst of updating their website, so it won’t be on there for a few more weeks.

But you can buy one, now, today, simply by picking up the phone and calling Alpacka.

Packing my Diva for a Grand Canyon trip right now.

Mike C,
what is the max load of gear(in lbs and liter) could you put in the smaller tube of the Diva?
and have a great trip!

I had ~55# in my Diva when we put onto the Grand Canyon in January. Needed to find the right fore/aft and left/right balance, but for that river at ~18,000cfs, that was not too much weight.

double post–duh.