New Werner Packraft Paddles for WW

I have a 250 mile WW class II-III pack rafting trip planned for next month. I was very apprehensive about subjecting my Sawyer pack rafting paddle to this level of abuse and not having it break. As a result, I started to look at other options a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Werner now offers their WW paddles in lengths up 209cm. 200 cm had always been the limit. I called Werner Customer Service and talked to Shanna; she explained that 1 1/2 months ago they started offering these lengths do to the large number of requests from pack rafters. She was aware that most pack rafters were using their touring paddles in order to find the longer lengths optimal for a pack raft. She said that although the touring blades normally hold-up, in class III and above WW the touring shafts are liable to break.

I think this is very good news for the pack rafting community that this combination of 4-pc pack-ability and durability that is now offered by Werner.

Richard, thanks for posting. I hadn’t realized that Werner were now offering longer blades until I saw your post. Good news indeed. I’d also heard that Sawyer packraft paddles are not great for extended WW trips - not robust enough: so good call to take different paddle.

I am looking for a new paddle myself after a very disappointing experience with my Sawyer. After my very first trip with it (12+ mile flatwater on a local river) one of the shafts “locked” even though I disassembled the paddle (or tried to) as soon as I got off the water. My friend and I tried various methods to get the shaft unstuck but no luck. Sadly, this story does not have a happy ending as I’ve spent the past 6 months wrangling with Sawyer to get the shafts replaced…still no luck. Do not ever want to buy another Sawyer product again.

Anyway, am interested in hearing which Werner paddle you ended up getting (Sherpa? Powerhouse?) and how it went on your trip. Like I said, need a replacement for my Sawyer so maybe Werner is a good option?

I’m not the OP, but having tried out the 4 Piece Werner Powerhouse in all sorts of whitewater this summer, I can say that it is AWESOME. Tough, stiff and powerful. The Sawyer feels like a toy in comparison. That said, I’d prefer the Sawyer or anything with smaller blades for flat water as the Powerhouse is heavier and overkill unless you need it.

I got a 4-piece 209cm Powerhouse this summer and LOVE it. I was using a noodly old Aqua Bound and the difference is amazing.

yep, me too! Just got a 203cm Powerhouse 4 piece, & it may be twice the price of an aqua bound, but its twice the paddle!

Its January 2016 and I just called Werner and I was told that they do not make the Sherpa or Powerhouse in 4 pieces, only. I asked to speak with a supervisor and iterated the story online about speaking to Nancy and was told she no longer works there. Has anyone been able to get a 4pc carbon Sherpa or Powerhouse since 2013?


I purchased a 4 piece 210 cm Sherpa from Alpacka in November of 2015. I’ve used it on several trips & it’s a great paddle.


Yup, I purchased a 4-pc 200cm powerhouse last May from my local dealer.