New River Gorge

Paddled Sandstone to McCreery, Upper New River, West Virginia.

Great Trip! Class II-III+

Thanks for the video. I followed your thread over a BPL and I’m excited to see how your getting along with your Packraft. Have you taken your dog out with you yet for a test run? I’ve paddled flat water with my 70lb black lab in my Fjord Explorer and it was great.

I took him out on the lake and he really liked it. Recently he has been getting a little too brave with the water and decided to jump off a dock on our last outing. I need to invest in a life vest for him before anymore trips.

I wish there were more packrafters in the midwest. My kayaking group is great but they keep asking when I’m getting a “hard shell” and I keep replying “never”. I watch them have to portage, load, and unload heavy boats and I know I made the right decision.

Thanks for following :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a great river for it. I did the same run over a couple days from Hinton to Thurmond. I want to go back on more rivers in Appalachia next summer. Maybe take an Amtrak to Alderson and do the Greenbrier to the confluence at Hinton. Most people either use the big guided rafts or kayaks, and don’t know how good packrafts do on the river. Especially since the Amtrak Cardinal has stops right at the beginning and end of the Upper River section. I packed up and took the train from Chicago, got out, and got in the river.