New Packrafting Blog

I have recently purchased an Alpaca Packraft and am completely hooked…for the past few months my boyfriend Kirk and I have been running something almost every weekend near where we live in Bend, OR, and I decided to start a blog to chronical our journies.

I have begun to link to other’s blogs that we have been reading for some time and have helped us make some of our decisions, and would also love to work on developing a comprehensive list of trip reports (something we seek out all the time, especially when deciding where to explore in the area, not a lot going on in Oregon…).

So check it out, let me know of trips we can link to (photo libaries, blogs, trip reports, movies, whatever)…
(not sure why I can’t include a link…)


Hi Renee,

Great to hear you are into it. I would love to follow you, however that link doesn’t work in my blogger interface. Do you have a google search term or something that goes to your site?




she left out the “s” after adventure… it is I`ll let her know and maybe she can fix it.

Ok, I was able to edit, and now the link is hot…


My name is Tom and 'm in Napa, CA. I might try to come up and do some paddling on the Umpqua. I want to start at the take-out on a bike and travel x miles upriver and float all the way back, probably a multi-day trip. Would you or any of your friends be interested in joining me?
Thanks, Tom

Hey Tom,
I`m responding for Renee, couple of random questions for you. when were you planning on going, what section/sections were you planning on doing, what class of boater are you, and you said you wanted to mt. bike up and do a overnight on the river, were you going to drop a bike off or try and strap it on ( hence what sections question). Neither of us are big Mt. bikers but we could possibly meet up for the boating part if the time frame works, busy summer, but let us know what dates and maybe we can sneak it in.

Hey, I was planning on coming up today, monday the 23rd, but my partner bailed. I am still trying to find a cheap way to get up there, maybe by rideshare. I would be lashing my bike to the bow of my boat. That way there would be no shuttling. I do not have any specific runs in mind except the umpqua because of the ease of logistics. I was hoping to meet some folks that could show me some good trips. I have done some class III rapids but mostly I am interested in being out there taking in the beauty. I have taken a swiftwater rescue course up in AK and so despite only having gone out a dozen times I do know how to be safe on the water. And about the biking- I am totally down to hike in. I just built up a mountain touring rig and am excited to try packrafting with it. I can do that another time. I am quitting my job so I can packraft all August(in fact, I’m doing a senior project based on packrafting), so I’m flexible. I just have to fly back to AK for school on the 22nd. Thank you … oh and nice blog.