New packrafter in Waikato, NZ North Island.

Hello. I just got a packraft. I live in Hamilton, NZ. I’m excited to get out on the Waikato river for some exploring and easy floats to get started. Maybe some bikerafting with the river and the river trails. Any others in the North Island? I’m hoping for some ideas, company, and mentoring. Thanks.

Hi Handscrape, welcome to the forums! I’m in Sydney so unfortunately not much help to you, but if you are ever around here there are quite a few of us, so drop in and say hi. Also, hopefully catch you for some NZ fun!

Santa was good to you this year Handscrape. I am a keen packrafter living in Auckland so have to head to the Waikato region or beyond for floats given the absence of decent rivers up here. I’d be more than happy to come for a paddle at some point and will let you know when I am headed south to see if it can coincide with your schedule. Sections of the Ohinemuri or Waihou might be good options to get you started on some low level rapids after you have had a go on the Waikato. Cheers. PS If you hadn’t already found them, these are excellent resources: and

Thanks! I’ve been having fun floating down the Waikato. I’m open to planning trips in the N.Island if anyone’s in the Waikato area. Gonna try strapping my bike for my next float. There are nice bike trails long the Waikato that should make floating and biking back easy.