New model of packraft - SPUTNIK!

Hi, guys!
I want to share with you my finding: ultramodern extralight generation of packraft - packraft Sputnik! :exclamation: The production is located in Russia (St. Petersburg) - Time Trial company, and it has the representation in Europe:
I experienced it last month myself and was very pleased with my new packraft!

You can see some videos about packraft Sputnik:

Hello !!
I am glad you like it Aleksandr, we are working hard here, our new generation is all build in strong and light TPU.
enjoy it man!! ALeksander look here to see our new generation.
All the best!
Fernando Paiva
Sputnik Packrafts Europe

That looks fantastic!

Hello Alehandr
just one update…
we are now here,,our new Homepage…

hope you like it…
all the best Fernando Paiva !!/ Sputnikrafts