new guy in Iowa

hello packrafting heroes!

i’m shane, i’m in iowa… just got a lama, tested it out bikerafting, here’s a photo.

I plan to have more bikerafting trips around the midwest, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, eventually Utah, let me know if anyone is rafting in my area.

Well there’s nothing wrong experimenting new adventure. You really do great there, How was the experience?
You’ve shown us how fun it was.

Hey new guy in Iowa…

I also live in Iowa…Id like to talk to you about something if you could pm me. Hopefully you still frequent these boards!!

Hey fellow iowans. My name is mike and I just picked up a flyweight designs to do some adventuring with my fat bike. I’m located in Iowa city area and will be looking for anyone to try this pack rafting/bike packing thing with!

Hey Mike…Id love to go packrafting with you, unfortunately I live on the other side of the sate near Omaha. But if Im out that way Ill shoot you a pm.!! Where do you plan on packraft/bikepacking at? Nothing real good over here.

Did the Raccoon last year, rode the bike trail up and the river down. Nice little trip. Nice to hear from a few local people.

Hi Argonaut…where did you start your trail ride from? I should be getting my new “used” llama on Thursday and want to go try it out this weekend. Any other trips that you have planned? Trying to find out what rivers would offer the best trip for a bike/raft of just raft trip. Ill probably be going out to colorado this summer to really get it wet!!

We started in Redfield and rode up to Linden I believe and then floated down. Nice trip. We have also done a couple bikerafting trips on the Missouri around the Omaha area. Always looking for more trip ideas but not a lot of options in Nebraska.