New DVD - Packrafting the Kimberley

Hi all - Last year I conducted a month-long solo exploration of the extremely remote King Edward River in northern Australia by packraft. Later in 2010 I explored some isolated jungle rivers in Gabon, West Africa (not by packraft). I have (at long last) produced the DVD which includes both these trips. The blurb from the back cover of the DVD reads: “ONE MAN. ONE CAMERA. THE MOST REMOTE RIVERS ON EARTH. A double dose of Remote River Man adventure! ‘Packrafting the Kimberley’ follows Kevin Casey as he conducts the first-ever major Australian expedition by packraft - completely alone for a month along the pristine gorges and pandanus swamps of the King Edward River. In ‘Jungles of Gabon’, Kevin heads to the wildest parts of West Africa to seek out elusive forest elephants and rare antelope, and experience the way of life of the Baka rainforest pygmies”.

The Kimberley packraft video is 42 minutes long, and the Gabon Bonus Feature is 20 minutes. The Baka pygmies were amazing, and there’s some pretty eye-opening footage of their diet - a bucketful of squirming palm beetle grubs, a monkey cooking on the coals, a giant hornbill bird getting plucked, and a forest antelope being prepared for the fire. The Kimberley packraft journey included exceptionally beautiful gorge country, awesome waterfalls that few have ever seen and a ‘how to catch a fish for lunch in 5 seconds’ sequence that shows off the sheer remoteness of the place. The Alpacka raft performed superbly!

This DVD can be ordered from my website: Just go to the Products page. I ship all over the world, and it’s pretty quick. Incidentally, my other Remote River Man DVD “Coast of Bears” is an account of my journey three years ago (using a Sevylor inflatable kayak) up the Quall River, then down the Ecstall River in BC Canada, a trip that Hig (moderator of this forum and seasoned packraft explorer) and Erin pioneered. I was the first to do it solo, but they were the first to do it! My own journey involved a huge flood (the river rose about eight feet in 3 hours), which made it character-building near the end. And yes, there were bears…

All proceeds from sales of these Remote River Man DVDs go, naturally, toward my next upcoming adventure, packrafting down the Rewa River in the jungles of central Guyana, where I expect to film giant otters, tapirs, big anacondas (the last one they caught up there was 18 feet, 4 inches) and if I’m really lucky, a jaguar or two. I’ve just secured a satellite phone sponsor here in Australia, and am going to add a GoPro Helmet Hero camera to my kit, to get those action shots (the usual token piranha feeding frenzy footage, etc.). That journey happens in early October, and i hope to have its DVD out around Feb. 2012.

There are a few brief YouTube videos on my site as well, of assorted river exploring shenanigans around the planet. I’m only just getting started…

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all my DVDs. Have a look - you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Kevin Casey