New Canberra packrafter

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d introduce myself seeing as I’ve been outed in Steve’s trip report for the Tuross River, that’s me in the brand new red Llama. My boat arrived Thursday and I was lucky to be on the river that Sunday so I’m a genuine newbie (both with pack rafting and forums!) but do have a fair bit of other outdoor experience. I’ve been living abroad (Jordan, no water) and only found out about these things when I came back to Australia this year.

A big thank you to Steve for organising the paddle, being generous with his time and knowledge and for being prepared to take a punt on a couple of untried rafters !. It was a fantastic day out and he was right, very suitable for beginners although having more experienced guys around helped hugely. Also big thanks to Peter for kitting out my mate Graham for the day.

Given I live in Canberra I would particularly love to catch up with any local paddlers (I know you’re out there!). I’m also keen to get involved in any efforts to gain access to Penrith. I’d like to progress to extended river trips, it seems there are a few like minds out there so hopefully we can get a few things happening

Anyway hoping to meet you all out on the water soon and looking forward to more trips like the Tuross.


Good to see the Packraft numbers climbing !

I’m in Sydney Mick but frequently make it to Canberra to visit friends. I have talked a Canberra mate into trying Packrafting so will let you know if we plan a trip. Tuross looked like great fun, I couldn’t join in as I was waiting to get hold of a helmet that fit right. I now have it and it fits so keen to get on the water. All we need now is reasonable water levels !

Ah great news that you are in the Can and rafting!

I will be back in July/August this year. Looking forward to be back, and now also to meeting you.

I’m keen to give Queanbeyan river a go soon… apparently there is some nice water between Can and Quean.

G’day guys, great to hear from you both and look forward to catching up soon and maybe having regular paddling partners. Seems to be plenty of scope for day or overnight trips from here. Also seems like solo missions are quite popular out there, didn’t mind that too much when I was a climber but I was young and (sort of) knew what I was doing !

I’ll put it out there early, if anyone is up for a fairly straightforward overnighter trip like the Clyde or Deua or some day trips like Kangaroo or one of the Snowys trips in the next few weeks let me know. Most of my outdoor stuff is still on a very slow boat from Jordan (including the Canoe guide to NSW … god knows why I took that to Jordan) but I’m sure I can scrape together enough to get by. remember ‘doing’ the Deua in Canadians with a mate and our partners a few years back, we invented a new grading system (-1 one person getting out the canoe, -2 both getting out … you get the idea, not much water) but might be good over next couple of weekends.

Mick, good to see you ‘coming out’. It was great to paddle the Tuross together, a really good day and we enjoyed your company very much. I would be keen to do a day trip up to the mountains soon? Would you like to look at the 25 /26 for an overnighter or a day trip on the 25th? I have had my eye on the upper Murrumbidgee for and overnighter (Craig???)?


G’day Steve,

absolutely, keen for anything (within reason !) … day trip or overnighter, I can do both (don’t tell Tony Abbot but I’m not flat out at the moment and could wangle a Monday off!) . Happy to talk logistics through the week.

Just had a look at Kambah Pools, plenty of water coming through!!.

Gotta go … the young bloke’s in my ear to get to Questcon to play the pinnies !